Consultancy Services

To support tea businesses understand and address child rights risks, The Centre for Child Rights an Business in Sri Lanka offers a range of consulting services.

Child Rights Risk and Impact Assessments

The Centre can assess your company’s supply chain, or specific areas within your supply chain, in terms of child rights topics. The aim of this service is to give you a comprehensive understanding of where your operations have a direct and indirect impact on children and to present you with recommendations on how to manage potential and identified risks.

We also offer targeted assessments that focus on a specific child rights impact area including, but not limited to, child labour, education, childcare, young worker protection but also link our assessments to other potential key risks such as recruitment practices and environmental impact. Our assessments are always customisable to ensure they meet your changing needs.

We have developed a standardised approach and methodology that gives a clear overview of where actual and potential risks may be found, with concrete suggestions on how to make changes in a way that creates positive impact while respecting the need for long-term business-friendly solutions.

Our assessments do not look at child rights as a separate entity, but are always considered in the context of overall production and working conditions, gender, human trafficking and forced labour.

What our assessment reports cover:

Family Friendly Workplaces

The Centre’s Family Friendly Workplaces (FFW) services support children, parents and other caregivers by creating family-friendly workplaces in the tea industry. Family-friendly policies and practices are critical to worker well-being, especially in the COVID-19 era where financial hardships and school closures are an extra burden on workers in Sri Lanka’s tea sector.

Each FFW service is designed to meet the needs of working parents and their children whilst also responding to the businesses needs of suppliers/producers. FFW services support suppliers/producers to implement policies, practices and programmes that enable their workers to fulfil their role as parents and meeting responsibilities at work.

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